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Our vision and mission

Our Vision is to be a non-sectarian sanctuary elevating personal well-being and spiritual living.


Our Mission is to:

· provide regular opportunities for meditation practice and instruction.

· host retreats and inter-faith dialogues;

· offer private cabins and resources for sponsored solitary retreats;

· sponsor programming that nourishes the interconnected development of mind, body, and spirit.


At Olean Meditation Center you will find:

Welcome ~ Olean Meditation Center offers unconditional acceptance and a hospitable environment to all who visit. We provide multiple levels of support to individuals who are engaged in spiritual practice.

Natural Simplicity ~ We value what promotes our being at peace with ourselves and our environment; our facilities and surrounding grounds offer quiet restfulness amidst natural beauty. In silence we discover that we don’t need to add anything or fix anything, but just be present in the moment.

Inspiration ~ We honor and rejoice in the spiritual progress of one another and believe that contact with accomplished masters is a rare and precious jewel that fuels our journey.

Compassion ~ Behind the mission, and underlying our policies and practices, is the desire to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings. This heart-centered approach is what we see as the only way to be of service.

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