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Weekly Meditation Schedule

The Olean Meditation Center offers a wide range of weekly meditation sessions to meet the varied needs and schedules of the community. All sessions are in-person, free, and open to the public. You're invited to join us for optional tea and fellowship afterwards.

Evening meditation


7:15 pm

These sessions focus on mindfulness, letting go of judgement, and saying yes to life by opening to the full range of our experience – the pleasant, the neutral, and the unpleasant - with kindness and compassion. Following a short presentation of the topic of the day, there is a 30-minute guided meditation and time for discussion. Techniques are also presented to take meditation “off the cushion” and meet the challenges of daily life with more balance, openheartedness, and compassion for ourselves and others.

This program is suitable for all persons regardless of age, faith, and beliefs. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome.

Southern Tier Sangha meditation


12:00 pm

For those who wish to participate in a Buddhist community that prioritizes spiritual well-being and universal compassion. The sessions start with an inspirational reading and a 20-minute silent or guided meditation, followed by discussion and another 20-minute meditation.  If this will be your first time meditating at OMC, we offer beginning instructions 15 minutes before start time (11:45 a.m.).

Morning meditation


Tuesdays, and


9:00 am

A reading of the Heart Sutra (5 minutes) precedes 30 minutes of silent meditation, and optional tea follows. No previous meditation experience is required.

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